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Monday, April 11, 2011

Life Was Easier When Boys Were Stupid eBook Coupon!

It's an exciting time to be a writer, with digital publishing exploding and opening up new markets for selling your work.

Today, I uploaded my very first eBook for sale!

Jess is at a party and girls and boys around her are locked together at the lips and hips. When did everyone grow up so fast? She's not sure she wants to, but her girl friend Carla points out a boy across the room with eyes only for Jess. 

Life Was Easier When Boys Were Stupid won the Gippsland Award in 2009's Fellowship of Australian Writers Awards. 

And for this week only, you can download it FREE.

Go to 

Enter the Coupon Code TB47A before Sunday 17th April 

and the story is yours at no charge.

I hope you'll review or rate it if you enjoyed it. And spread the word! 
There is more to come,




  1. Fantastic!!! You're right. The digital age offers so much for writers in regards to getting work out there. I always admire your 'eye on the prize' mentality and how proactive you are! Well done. Can't wait to read (might have to borrow an ereader!)

  2. That's awesome! Congrats! I just got my copy :D

  3. :D Thanks Alice! You don't actually NEED an eReader to read eBooks (I know - this was news to me too!) Kindle have a computer app for reading them, you can download Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac (my ebook looks best on Kindle) and you can read ePubs through Adobe Digital Editions, and I also published the story as a PDF and html so you can read it straight off the web page! Sadly, they don't come with the front cover. I'm really proud of the front cover.

  4. It's a nice read, very deft :) You really took me back to being that age.

  5. Thanks for reading, Mehryinett. I hope memory lane was kind to you. :)


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