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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Express Media Ask ME How I Write, so I'm holding a 10pg CRITIQUE CONTEST!

I forgot to tell you!

Express Media are running National Young Writers Month  from June 1-30 and they asked ME to tell YOU how and why I write, and what I've learned throughout my writing life. So I did so HERE.

I was thrilled and honoured to be asked and am very excited to be a part of National Young Writers Month which lasts for the whole of June, where getting published isn't the goal - but writing is! 

Whatver you like to write, be it video games, movie scripts, poetry or novels, give it a go! The more you write, the better you'll get at it 

There are a lot of EVENTS happening around the country so make sure if you're in the area you go along and learn something new.

OldER writers, encourage the young writers in your life to participate, and young writers - what are you waiting for? I'd love to hear your progress.

But you're really reading for the CONTEST, aren't you?
Well no matter your youngness, I am offering a lucky winner, a 10 page critique of their manuscript, whether it is a work in progress or you're about to query agents or publishers - I will help you add some sparkles and shine to really make your opening pages stand out.

But why do you care what I have to say about your opening?

I have a Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing & Editing) and am in my third year of a Bachelor of Writing & Publishing, have been on the editorial team and a commissioning editor for The Box Magazine, Cursive Scripts Anthology and Inscribe Literary Newspaper. I run Billington Media (website coming soon), part of which does editorial for companies such as Open Humanities Press, On Call Solutions and writers and authors.

Not only all that, but I scored an agent who LOVED my opening, and I have interned at a publishing house in which I read th slush pile and gained valuable insight into what makes a good opening and a bad, common or clichéd opening.


How To Win:

1) Have at least 10 pages of a manuscript written in any genre.

2) Follow the blog!

3) Leave a comment with your name and email address written like Sarah at gmail dot com so that we trick any spammers. Or you can email me your deets at SarahERBillington AT Gmail DOT Com.

That's it!

I'd love it if you Tweeted, blogged or Facebooked about it, they will be looked favourably on (by me, not by Randomizer) but they're not requirements. Contest closes next Wednesday 8th of June, 2011!




  1. I saw your interview on the EWF blog. Very cool. :) My friend Lana was interviewed for that, too.

    I'd love to enter your competition, Sarah! My email's sari(dot)webb(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    PS. I've tweeted about it, too. :)

  2. Excellent article Sarah - could clearly see your passion coming through! And good luck to everyone who enters your competition (I would enter but that would make me suck :)


  3. Hi Sarah,
    I loved your article, although the link at the bottom that said it was going to take me to your website didn't work.

    Can I please enter your competition too? My email is info (at) needtoreadthis (dot) com.

  4. I followed through the link on IWU Facebook to get here. It's nice to meet you, Sarah :)

    I'm in for the competition!
    heathermariewrites at gmail dot com


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