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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Summer Splash Blog Hop!

I hope you peeps up in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying your Summer, spending it in the water or at least in front of the air conditioning.


Down here in the Southern Hemisphere, our cats don't have to worry about melting right now. I am sitting under the ducted heating in my dressing gown and Ugg boots and I think most cats are too.

But that doesn't stop me from participating in Summery stuff!

Yep - between July 23 and 31 there are something like 70 authors offering PRIZES!

You hear that? There will be tons and tons of STUFF TO WIN!

It's a free for all, I assure you. And authors of every genre available will have prizes on offer, from Amazon gift cards to custom jewellery and SO MANY BOOKS. so stay tuned for that.

Including TWO Grand Prize Winners of a KINDLE FIRE!


Excited yet? Me too.

Stay tuned.


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