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Monday, July 16, 2012

That One Night: Releasing Soon!

So the cover for my next short has been out for awhile on Goodreads, but the blurb telling you what my next release is actually ABOUT has been allusive.

Well it's READY.

And it's HERE. 

You wanna know what That One Night is about? Sounds like a random hook up, doesn't it?

Well NO.


Can a friendship that lasts just an hour be completely perfect?

A year ago, Annie and Bree were best friends, then they graduated high school and it turns out a year is a long time.

When Annie shows up at her best friend's birthday hoping to slip back into the friendship that was, she discovers she's no longer a part of Bree's world and decides to slip out quietly without making a scene. 

But a chance encounter on the way out means that sometimes you can find friendship when you least expect it.

Coming SOON SOON OH SO SOON (Coming this week).

Add it to your To-Read list on GoodReads!

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