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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Super Special Cover Love #6

Special Cover Love post today.

To start us off, here are some covers that I think are all kinds of awesome lately.

I read a review of this which started with:
'This book is such a train wreck and I loved it!'
Yeah. I'm betting I will too.
Not your dainty flower-type heroines, are they? WANT.

Simply adore the colouring on this one, how everything blends in.
It's a beautiful shade of blue, and oh so intriguing-looking, no?


Read below.
Do you remember way back when I was all celebratory because my friend Meg Spooner got a book deal for her epic trilogy, and I was over the moon for her? And then she and my other friend (who is now one of my closest friends BECAUSE of Meg), Amie Kaufman, scored a book deal for their co-written trilogy These Broken Stars (with Disney-Hyperion of all people. I love Disney-Hyperion something fierce.) Well SKYLARK is the first book in Meg's trilogy and it's released TODAY! Go buy it now! It's getting fabulous reviews from those lucky bloggers who scored ARCs. 

And how pretty is this cover? She lucked out with her cover designer, didn't she? Apparently it's the same designer who did Incarceron and THAT is a pretty cover.

So all I'm saying today is YAY MEG! HUZZAH! and CONGRATULATIONS. One book down, five to go! ;)

What covers are you falling for right now?


  1. Oh yeah her cover rocks! Thanks for sharing the news about a new author on the scene. I can't wait to check out her book.

  2. You're very welcome. I love posts like these with new books I should check out so I figured my readers would too! Get Skylark. Get Skylark NOW. :)


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