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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Blog Tour of Epicness! Starts Thursday!

As all good music acts do, Academy of Lies is going on tour and they're taking The Kiss Off with them!

Check out all these brilliant places the book and I will be stopping by! And if you haven't read it already and the bloggers kinda make you want to, well, who am I to stop you? It's available everywhere so feel free to grab yourself a copy!

There will be interviews, a couple of guest posts, stacks of reviews and even some sneaky-peeks at scenes from The Kiss Off TWO which isn't released until 2013.

Speaking of: While The Kiss Off is on tour, I'm at a beachside Summer music festival! Well. I'm WRITING a beachside Summer music festival. I am personally in a house by the beach, though. But it's Spring. Anyway, I'm hard at work on The Kiss Off 2 over here is what I'm saying. It's coming along great and will be a fun, perfect companion for The Kiss Off!

Enough about me though - check out this tour! Big props to Megan of Reading Away the Days who helped organise it!




Thursday November 1: Hey! Teenager of the Year!
Friday November 2: Elz Reads
Saturday November 3: Ja'dore Happy Endings
Sunday November 4: Lizzy Ford Books
Monday November 5: I Want to Read That
Thursday November 8: Princess Reviews
Friday November 9: Julia Crane's Feature Friday!
Sunday November 11: Big Book Little Book
Thursday November 15: Book Labyrinth
Saturday November 17: I Devour Books
Sunday November 18: Book Vixen
Monday November 19: The Book Scoop
Tuesday November 20: Read and Repeat
Wednesday November 21: Uniquely Moi Books
Thursday November 22: The Book Swarm
Friday November 23: Love Big Read Big
Saturday November 24: I Love YA Fiction
Friday November 30: Itching for Books


Saturday December 1: Debra's Book Cafe
Sunday December 2: The Reader Lines
Monday December 3: Reading Away the Days + We Fancy Books
Tuesday December 4: YA Fantasy Author
Wednesday December 5: Above Average Below Special 
Thursday December 6: Tales of Books and Bands
Friday December 7: Once Upon a Twilight + Young Adult Book Addict
Saturday December 8: Always YA at Heart + I'm a Book Shark
Monday December 10: Love YA Books 4 EVA
Tuesday December 11: Totally Bookalicious + Letters Inside Out
Wednesday December 12: For the Love of Films and Novels
Thursday December 13: My Guilty Obsession
Friday December 14: Book Passion For Life
Saturday December 15: We Do Write
Monday December 17: Cause I Said So
Tuesday December 18: Bookaholics Book Club
Wednesday December 19: The Pen & Muse
Thursday December 20: The Book Scape Report
Friday December 21: Read and Repeat
Saturday December 22: Winged Reviews
Monday December 24: Book Labyrinth
Thursday December 27: Caffeinated Book Reviews
Friday December 28: Tina's Book Reviews
Come play! Read interviews, reviews and exclusive excerpts, not to mention enter to win a paperback copy of The Kiss Off!
See you there,


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