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Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Book Review Time! (4) Fury by Shirley Marr

Let me tell you my story.
Not just the facts I know you want to hear.
If I’m going to tell you my story,I’m telling it my way.
Strap yourself in...Eliza Boans has everything.
A big house.
A great education.
A bright future.
So why is she sitting in a police station confessing to murder? 

This novel has an ominous feel to it all throughout. You know something bad has happened. Someone's dead - but who is it? And why did she do it? They do it? Who did it? What really happened?
Eliza sits in an interrogation room, literally with blood on her hands. And the story that unfolds crosses between her interrogation, how little she wants to tell, how much she wants to know, and flashbacks to the incidents that led up to her current predicament.
I knew I was invested in the fate of these characters when I got really mad at Shirley for a throwaway line in which one of the characters had been released to their parents. It could have meant they were free and were going home, but it could have meant their body had been released and they were dead. And it was so not cool with me for that character to be dead.

This is a powerful, teasing debut in which you just won't know what happened until Eliza is ready to tell you.

I interviewed Shirley Marr about writing Fury and the process of getting it published which you can find here.



  1. what a fab review! and i so agree with it ~ you've articulated the novel/reading experience really well.

    i'm off to check out you're interview. that kind of stuff always fascinates me :)

    x Nomes

  2. Thanks for the praise, Nomes. :) I hope you like the interview - I love them too that's why I did it!


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