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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Decision Making

Happy New Year my lovelies!

December 31 2010 for me was filled with less potential death by drunken stampede in -16c weather in Edinburgh and more singlets and shorts, bean bags and camping chairs on the back deck as the 40c weather in Melbourne Australia slowly cooled to a balmy 20c. There was possibly one-million LESS people in attendance this year which was nice. And yes I'm talking LITERALLY one million people.
How was your New Years?

My resolution for 2011 is simple: To stress less. In 2010 I was a bit of a stress head and I vow to make 2011 much breezier.

That said, it is January 3rd and I am stressing. I took December off from writing, as a bit of a holiday, as a month where I didn't think to myself whenever I watched TV or goofed around "Hey - you've got work to do! You should be writing!" and knew that when January came I would crack the whip and get back to it.

But I have a problem, you see. What do I work on? The rewrite of a middle grade contemporary comedy with a spattering of magical realism or the first draft of that dystopian I've been itching to get stuck into?

At the moment they both feel huge and hard and overwhelming so I have been content seeing friends, visitng the fam, going to work and discovering fab new TV shows and books instead. I mean, technically I AM on my University holidays after all...



  1. If you find the way to stress less, please share! Good luck with both projects---they sound wonderful.

  2. I don't have the secret to it yet but I have the year to figure it out! I'll share any wisdom I garner with you Erin, don't you worry!

  3. Some people are just naturally stress heads and others are oh-so effortlessly casual, I totally love the resolution though - I often think to myself 'stop stressing you're wrecking it!'


    PS: I think you should start on the book you are itching to get to!

  4. Sally - Yeah. I'm totes a natural stress-head. Though luckily I don't show it. Lol at "stop stressing you're wrecking it!" So. True.



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