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Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Book Review Time! (5) I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells

Most people are normal. Some are not. John Cleaver is one of those who isn’t; he is obsessed with death and he has all the traits of a serial killer. There’s only one difference between him and every serial killer he’s ever studied: John wants to restrain the evil thoughts that his evil side thinks of, because he really isn’t a serial killer. Well, at least not yet. He’s compiled himself a set of rules that should stop him from turning into a serial killer. He was doing quite well, actually, until a murderer started killing innocent lives in his home town…

Though I admit, apart from the pilot episode I haven't as yet delved into the joys of Dexter - John Wayne Cleaver feels to me, what Dexter may have been like as a teenager.
John has a monster inside him that he is determined not to let loose, and his struggles with it were quite honestly disturbing. John is aware of the psychology behind what makes a person a serial killer, viewing their subjects as "it" rather than he or she, stalking and being keenly aware of his prey - and he knows when he's slipping. Knows what he's becoming, against his better judgement, but he just can't help it.

It could be seen as somewhat of a blessing for John when a monster starts killing in his small town and he has something else to focus on. A new prey. One that he might just be able to justify targetting.

Certainly an interesting, yet disturbing book.


  1. I remember seeing this when it first came out and trying to figure out if I should leave it in the YA section or move it to adult crime section. I left it in YA but it still disturbs me :S

  2. It's a tough choice, isn't it? Yeah, it's definitely a YA, but one for those with a strong stomach!


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