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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Proud as Punch: Success Stories

I love being a part of this community, the children's writing one. Everyone is so supportive and excited for each other's successes.

That said, I've had several friends with fantabulous news lately and I just wanted to share it with everyone.

Sara Wilson-Etienne who I met at the SCBWI LA conference 2009 because as I was coming down the escalator someone said "Sarah!" and I smiled and said "Hi!" to the stranger. She had actually been talking to Sara, at the bottom of the escalator. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship :).

Sara got a 2-book deal recently. O.O Huge congrats and lots of warm fuzzies go out to Sara! It's a dream (a really really super AMAZING dream) come true.

Meagan Spooner who if I recall correctly, we randomly started communicating on Twitter and I consider her to be full of awesomeness and a good bud, she was in the process of revising a mammoth manuscript she had written and about to start the agent query process. Well that didn't last long - Meagan scored herself an awesome agent like THAT because she is THAT GOOD. I'm thrilled for you Meagan!

and finally, the debut success story of the century goes to Robin Mellom. For realz.

She is my agent buddy, represented by Jill Corcoran of the Herman Agency as well, and awhile ago she got a two-book deal (which was discussed in my interview with her here ) but since then, she has scored another...wait for it....FOUR BOOK DEAL. Can you believe that? She has a six book deal before her first book even comes out. Way to go Robin!

So Sara, Meagan and Robin: This is the writing community, to you.
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I'm so proud of you all.

Love Sairz


  1. Awww, you are the absolute SWEETEST. <3 I think we actually met in a chat room somewhere, didn't we? We bonded over the fact that we're both in the Melbourne area. I can't for the life of me remember what chat (probably an agent or author or something?) but I'm glad I popped in and met you!

    Man, we have GOT to meet up before I'm not living here anymore!

    And wow, congratulations to both Sara and Robin... what wonderful news!

  2. That's the writing community?? They're HOT!!! :)

    Thank you SOOOO much for your support. This is an example of why I'm so happy to be a part of the children's lit world--they are the coolest most supportive people on the planet!!

    Congrats to Meagan and Sara...funny cuz Sara is a friend of mine, too. I'm so thrilled for her book deal. Sounds amazing!

    And I get a feeling I'll be doing a happy dance for you in the very near future. :-) :-)

  3. You're very welcome, ladies. I say it cos I mean it.
    And yes Meagan - we must meet up before you leave!
    And I know Robin, the writing community is TOTALLY hot, huh? :) Fingers crossed for happy dancing!


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