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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Didn't Believe In Writer's Block the title says: I didn't believe in writers block. I've always got loads of ideas. But loads of workable ideas to help me get my characters from A to B?

I have been stuck 46,000 words into this book, in this one scene for a month and it's completely bumming me out, guys. Peeps are telling me it's not writer's block, it's PROJECT block, and to just write something else and it'll work itself out.

I'm trying that. And everything else I write SUCKS. There is major writing suckage happening in my life right now. I am NOT in the zone, people. I AM NOT IN THE ZONE. And with NaNoWriMo looming ever closer it's really not a good time for writing suckage.

If you too share the woes of writer's block, you might find this post from helpful:

They seem to have a thing for old pulp fiction covers over at io9
and I found this one quite disturbing.
Me? I'm experiencing some number 3 and number 4 and a bit of number 9. And you?

On that happy note I bid you adieu,

Love Sairz


  1. Oh number 7, big time. It's why I never get anything written. Haven't tried Finnish death metal yet though. XD

  2. Ah, the inner critic. Sometimes we just need to punch that mutha in the face. :) Or of course, Finnish Death Metal. Either or.


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