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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I you?

I'm doing it. Are you?

Australian WriMo's get started in just over 24 hours. I'm sort of a little bit ready but not really.

If you're joining the fray, be my buddy - I'm SairzB!


  1. Me me me me I'm doing it (I'm also Silbena on the site, adding you as a buddy now)! What are you going to be writing about, again?

  2. YAY YAY YAY! Tres excitement. I totally don't expect to win this year as November's a completely crazy month for me...but I'm gonna give it a red hot go!

    I see you are writing a horror/supernatural too! Mine is essentially Supernatural meets Ghost Hunters. Except with 3 siblings: 2 dudes, 13 and 18 and 1 girl, 16. And mum who is now a ghost but she doesn't really count. I shall see you in the forums!

  3. Huzzah, I am also doing it despite the fact that I should be concentrating on my exams, but I figure that I haven't learnt from previous years that this is not a good idea, I am certainly not going to learn now.

  4. Hi 0-shonk-0 - Ah yes, the stress of studying for exams or the stress of writing 50k in 1 month? It's crazy, so of course it's a good idea!

    Exams shexams, I say. A hurriedly drafted novel is your FUTURE.*

    *Take all advice in this post with a grain of salt as it may not be serious advice.

  5. How is the NaNo-ing going? :-)

    It's mid-month... and I have caught up with the cute graph ONCE so far, and not today!!

    love it, tho...

    Burgandy Ice - no idea how to buddy, but sounds cool.


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