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Monday, October 24, 2011

Writers Block Schmiters Block: An Update


I don't have generalised writers block anymore. YAY! I have a very specific writers block on the zombie book but I think that's because I need to know SPECIFIC details for the next third of the book and do not know them yet. Research can be hard.

But in order to combat The Block, I started writing something else.

Something unplanned.

Something I have no expectations for.

It could be a short story, it could be a novel. It's just going to be whatever it turns out to be. That freedom is kind of liberating, actually. I've been purely writing novels for the last couple of years so this is certainly making for a fun change.
And getting to know the characters as I write them is bringing back the fun and joy.

So I have combated The Block by playing. And it's awesome. And not coming out too badly, I must say! This is a big statement for me - do you remember my last blog post in which I announced the supreme suckage of everything I wrote lately?

Here are some hints of what the story is turning out to be like.

A very, very white Christmas

Watching movies in bed

So. Much. Snow.

Scary stary emo boy

Chilling by yourself cos there's no one else around

Empty college dorm
Potential Satanism

Frolicking in the snow



So there you have it. An empty dorm. A satanist. Christmas time. A blizzard. But it's a comedy.

I dunno. We'll see. I'm gonna go with it and see what happens.

I handed in my last essay for the year today (WOOHOO!) so I have one more class next week and then it's all over until next March. Or April. One of those, I can never remember. We visited the biggest printer in Australia today and it was really cool seeing how the end product is made.

If any of you lovely readers are interested in my editing or manuscript appraisal services, I have some vacancies coming up so by all means contact me and find out if I'm the right editor for you!

Have a fantabulous week, all!




  1. Sounds really interesting! I especially loved the breakdown in pictures. It made me curious -- I wanna read it now. : (

  2. Thanks, Silbena! I'm glad you like the sound of it. :) You actually can read the START of it on wattpad! The first draft of it, anyway.
    But sshhhh! Don't tell anyone! ;)


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