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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Death and Life of Rocky the Crab - FREE eBOOK Voucher

The downfall of juggling a gazillion tasks is you (or me...yeah, we're talking about me here) let important things slide through sometimes.

So in order to celebrate the release of a short I'm really proud of, again, I'm giving you the opportunity to get a copy for FREE.

But what I ask in return is that you write a short review - one or two lines - on Amazon or Smashwords in return.

If you have a Smashwords account, you can download it from the site for FREE with

Coupon Code GA92C. 

You can read it online through html or javascript, download the PDF, Kindle, ePub, Rich Text, LRF (for Sony Readers) or Palm Doc versions.

If you want to review it through Amazon, I don't have a voucher but I would love for you to email me at SarahERBillington AT gmail DOT com and request a copy.

This freebie is only until Sunday 22nd May!

The Death and Life of Rocky the Crab is AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon and Smashwords and awaiting approval for Apple, Kobo, Sony, B&N and more. 

The Death and Life of Rocky the Crab is a story you just can't make up. It's based on a true story which happened to Amy a young lady I met over Christmas 2009 in a haunted castle in the Scottish Highlands. I wish I had her contact details, she was an awesome chick.

The Death and Life of Rocky the Crab

Something moved in my hand. I looked back at Rocky in the tongs. Something was weird. I stopped shuffling and narrowed my eyes at it. Was it…looking at me? Suddenly its legs unfurled from under itself and its pincers sat up at attention. In front of my face. And they snapped together.

Lisa was supposed to be pet sitting. Looking after a crab is easy, right? Unless you forget to feed it. And then you find it dead minutes before its owner is back in town. There's something a bit different about this dead crab though. 

Happy Wednesday, peeps!

Love Sairz


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