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Sunday, May 15, 2011

When Laughing at Eurovision turns into Loving of Eurovision

I've been watching Eurovision off and on for a couple of years because of the insanity and absurdity and just how funny some of the acts can be.

It became a running joke between me and my two international exchange student housemates at University when we stumbled upon it one year and there were bearded ladies and a scary smiley random ice skater in the background and I don't think w'll ever forget the angel and devil country and the costumes on the Pirates of the Sea act. Oy.

So I am very excitedly watching Eurovision this year for the craziness. And Portugal did not disappoint.

They were a little Village Peoplesque with two chicks and protest signs. Couldn't tell what they were protesting because, you know. It was in Portuguese. But there were some overdramatic pouts so it was clearly serious.

But something weird is happening. There have been some crazies but I am right this second watching the Eurovision Final and the crazy has, for the most part, been weeded out. And the acts, again, for the most part, are actually quite good..

Okay I wrote that and then this came on the screen

Anyway, what I was getting at is that there are starting to be some actually, good, quality acts on here. I might  even get the Eurovision 2011 sountrack NON-IRONICALLY. There have been some good boppy songs, even though I'll never be able to sing along to half of them since they're in other languages, it might make for a good road trip soundtrack.

Hope, if you were watching, you've all enjoyed it as much as I have. And I bet the drinking games were fun!

Love Sairz


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