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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Events! Events! Meg Rosoff at the Wheelers Centre and NEXUS Festival of Animation, Comics & Graphic Novels!

Melbourne peeps, listen up!

Wish I'd known about this sooner, but it's not too late for you!
Meg Rosoff, award winning YA author of How I Live Now, Just in Case and What I Was will be at The Wheeler Centre in the city on Wednesday (TOMORROW NIGHT). And it's a free event. I mean, why aren't you going? :)

Check out The Wheeler Centre site for more deets. 

ALSO, I just found about this great sounding festival. If you're around and interested in graphics you should totes check it out!

NEXUS is a festival of animation, comics, graphic novels and moving image, at NMIT Fairfield Campus 10-12 May.  There will be exhibitions, masterclasses, screenings, a book fair, panel discussions, seminars and innovative performances.


ANTHONY LUCAS              Animator
                                      Jaspar Morello

TOM TAYLOR                   Comic, Screen & Theatre Writer

DAVID RUSSELL                Storyboard Artist
                                      Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

EDDIE WHITE                    Film Writer & Director
                                       The Cat Piano

COLIN WILSON                 Comic Artist
                                       Blueberry, 2000AD

ISABEL PEPPARD               Animator
                                       Mary and Max

SUTU                               Interactive Comic Producer

BRUCE MUTARD                Graphic Novelist
                                       The Sacrifice

Lots to learn here, don't you think?
For full details and to register to events, please see

Fairfield campus
Yarra Bend Rd Fairfield

That's all for now, 

I have an exciting new blog series coming up soon so stay tuned for that!


  1. Ow, I've got class tomorrow night, otherwise I'd be there! Seems like all the good events on at the Wheeler Centre are on the same days I have class.

  2. Aw no. That sucks for you. When I did my TAFE course I had night classes too. Sometimes it's worth skipping. ;) You might make some valuable contacts there!
    I'm working, alas, and there's no one who can cover for me. I bet it'll be a great event. At least I have a spy who'll report back on what she learns!


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